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8one is an entity supporting the development of the north-east region of India through its namesake, the 8one Foundation.

The number “8” represents the 8 distinct states which make up the region, and celebrates their diversities in their absolute. “One”, on the other hand, signifies the unity of effort towards promoting the region in its entirety.

8one is a platform that will enable the people of the North East to showcase their passion for their region to the entire world.
  Furthermore, it will serve as the focal point for any and all stakeholders throughout India and the world to access information about the region, including but not limited to, sustainable development, tourism, adventure sports, blogs and the like.

As the paragraph above mentions, the 8one Foundation looks to celebrate the inherent diversities of the 8 states as well as their strength as a region, and as such the Foundation will undertake initiatives aimed at the holistic development of the North-East region.